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About Us

PE Primary Ltd. understands the importance of developing physically literate children and young people.  Implicit in all our resources is the development of individuals’ motivation and ability to understand, communicate, apply, and analyse a wide range of movement competencies. 
PE Primary Ltd. is the leading company in the UK supporting quality teaching and learning in physical education in the primary sector.  The majority of our customers are primary schools, though there are increasing numbers of secondary schools, sports colleges and teacher training institutions using our resource.
PE Primary Ltd. has developed a successful service which is committed to excellent levels customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide a high quality service, which makes a significant contribution to raising of standards in physical education in the primary sector.  We regularly review and improve our resources.
PE Primary Ltd. places high value on combining innovation in teaching and learning in PE with competence and good practice.  We provide excellent ICT resources and are fully committed to helping schools deliver the highest possible standards in PE.

Our Authors

Dance [1]  Huw Davies 
Dance [2] Sue Chedzoy

Dance [3] Merie Eglesfield-Hope

Sue Chedzoy (M.Ed., B.Ed., F.P.E.A [UK])
Sue Chedzoy works at the University of Exeter, where she is a Lecturer in Education.  Sue's particular interests are: the identification and assessment of the habitual physical activity of primary school children, and the promotion of health-related physical activity through the school curriculum; trainees teachers' perceived competence to teach the Arts in the primary phase in
England; trainee teachers' perceived competence to teach  Physical Education in the primary phase in England; transition from the primary to secondary phase of education in England.  Formerly, Sue was an Advisory Teacher in Devon for Physical Education and Dance. She has a long and distinguished record of writing and publications, all her work is closely associated with various aspects of primary school Physical Education and teaching the Arts ( in particular, dance). Sue has also made a significant contribution to the development of primary school physical education in the UK by leading workshops in all areas of the PE National Curriculum, both locally and nationally. 

Merie Eglesfield-Hope [B.Ed., MA]
Merie is works across 2 sports colleges based in South Birmingham.  Her role in both the settings is to support first and primary schools contributing to the raising of standards in PE, specialising in dance. She also teaches dance in a special school (SLD as the dance specialist and teaches GCSE dance.  Previous to this, she has worked in primary education as a class teacher and PE-coordinator and was a Partnership  Development  Manager for a Sports College managing the infrastructure of 30 primary schools.  Merie has delivered a variety of INSET, including TOP Dance and disability dance ideas. Some of her work has also been published as a 'Best Practice Case Study'. She is currently studying for a Masters in Dance Education.

Huw Davies [Cert. Ed., MA] 
Huw is the Managing Director and founder of Physical Education Primary Ltd., following his work as a primary school teacher, a senior lecturer in PE and a schools inspector with both OFSTED and Estyn.
He worked for 14 years as a senior Lecturer in PE at the University of the West of England [UWE] Bristol.  Huw is now the Education Director at Play Learn Play Ltd.

Games [1] & [2] Huw Davies 
Games [3] Graham Haines

Graham Haines [B. Ed., M.Ed.]
Graham is a senior lecturer in PE at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff [UWIC].  Before working in higher education, Graham was a head teacher in a primary school in Cardiff.  Graham's specialism is in primary games.  He is also leading the development of ICT to support teaching and learning in PE in Wales.

Gymnastics [1] Tansin & Barry Benn;
Gymnastics [2] & [3] Huw Davies.

Tansin Benn [PhD, MSc, M.Ed, B.Ed, DPSE)]

Tansin was an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham. After teaching in schools for several years she moved into higher education at Anstey College in 1981 to train secondary physical education specialists. In 1985 she moved to Newman and Westhill Colleges, Birmingham, predominantly to train primary teachers with a physical education specialism. In 1993 she became Head of Physical Education, Sports Studies and Dance at Westhill, developing diversified degree programmes alongside initial teacher training and continuing professional development courses with Birmingham LEA. Very much as a result of Tansin’s work at Westhill College, it is now an integral part of the University of Birmingham and continues its high commitment to teacher training in physical education, at both primary and secondary levels. In addition to her professional work, Tansin has dedicated herself to the sport of artistic gymnastics for over twenty years, coaching, judging internationally and as a member of the British Gymnastics Association’s National Technical Committee. Competitive and educational gymnastics have been a large part of her life since childhood and publications of a book on primary gymnastics and articles in professional journals over recent years reflect this ongoing commitment. In 2008, Tansin won a Leverhulme Research Fellowship  to undertake research at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. This led to further international opportunities in her research area of increasing opportunities for Muslim girls and women in PE and sport.

Barry Benn [MA, DPE, DLC]

Barry is a part-time lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham. After teaching in secondary, then primary schools he went on to further professional training at Leeds University before entering Birmingham’s Adult Education Service. Under Barry’s guidance this department quickly became part of Birmingham Leisure Services and Barry was appointed Gymnastics Development Officer for the city. Since retiring from coaching in 1995 he continues to dedicate himself to educational gymnastics, delivering teachers’ courses throughout the country. Barry has contributed three gymnastics books for teachers and other professional resources such as the 1988 BAALPE video on secondary gymnastics and co-authoring “Primary Gymnastics – a multi-activities approach” with Tansin in 1992.

Kevin Morgan [B.Ed, MA]
Kevin is a Senior Lecturer in PE at UWIC. Kevin’s is the author of 'Primary Athletics Challenges' resource pack [UWIC Press publication].