Resources for teachers in the Early Years Foundation Stage, key stage 1 and key stage 2

PE Primary provides a high quality service that will:

  • raise the profile of PE and sport across your school;
  • develop the best PE pedagogy and use it as a tool for whole school improvement;
  • increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport;
  • provide PE subject leaders with CPD resources (PowerPoint files) that can be easily shared amongst colleagues.

Our resources have been developed by individuals who have a wealth of experience at all levels (teachers, PE advisors, PE lecturers, Ofsted inspectors), in physical education in the primary sector.

Our resources offer you:

  • a broad and balanced programme of PE/physical development from nursery to year 6;
  • the best pedagogical principles and practice;
  • an outstanding level of support for both experienced and inexperienced teachers of PE.
  • excellent value for money (Follow this link for our subscription rates)

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Our resources are updated regularly.

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 Our teachers have commented on their increased confidence in delivering PE lessons and this is down to the easy to use, comprehensive and engaging resources and layout of the website. The PowerPoint additions to the site are fantastic and we will definitely use them to document our approach, delivery and impact of PE in the School. We look forward to using PEPrimary again this year!Quotation mark closed

Gary Henderson (Assistant Principal), Hamford Primary Academy, Essex

Breadth and Balance

Through using our resource, children in your school will be physically active, motivated to learn and creative. We understand the importance of invigorating the mind as well as the body – creative children have positive attitudes. Children need the right conditions for creativity to flourish. Creativity thrives where there is time to explore, experiment and play with ideas. Creative children need creative teachers! Our activities are straightforward to teach and fun to learn.
Competitive sport is really exciting. But we know that not all children are in it to win it. Winning is not everything. While some children love to compete, others shy away from it. Competition is a learned behaviour, and humans are not born competitive. The desire to win and competitiveness are learned through social interactions. Our resources provide the right balance between sport and play.

Pedagogy and Connected Learning

Our resources have been developed by individuals who are excellent PE practitioners, with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the curricula. We use AfL principles and employ carefully considered teaching and learning approaches. Our resources are embedded with child-centred learning pedagogy through which we place strong emphasis on:

  • how we engage children in their learning;
  • how we help children to make personal sense of information;
  • how we challenge children to think and interact in their learning.

Which is why, it’s not WHAT you do, it’s the way that you do it! It’s the HOW!

Supporting PE teachers of all levels of experience

Feedback from schools tells us that more experienced teachers of PE use the unit overviews to structure their delivery. Colleagues with less experience make effective use of our step-by-step lesson plans that provide guidance on activities, management, organisation and teaching points.

Whatever your level of experience in teaching PE, our resources will support you in developing your skills in:

  • setting clear expectations and targets;
  • providing good quality feedback to pupils to help them improve and identify the next step in their learning;
  • giving clear teacher explanation, that takes account of preferred learning styles;
  • using appropriate learning resources;
  • using effective questioning with a clear purpose;
  • incorporating the key skills;
  • reviewing progress at appropriate times during the lesson and at the end of the lesson;
  • providing opportunities for pupils to explore and experiment; plan and select; practice and refine; present their work; observe and evaluate; take on different roles and responsibilities.

Through using our resources, your children will engage in a broad repertoire of enjoyable physical activities that provide them with exciting physical and cognitive challenges and opportunities.