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Huw Davies (Cert. Ed., M.A.) - Managing Director 
Huw is the founder of Physical Education Primary Ltd. He worked as a primary school teacher for15 years, passionate about PE and school sport. From 1991 until 2013 he was a Senior Lecturer in PE at South Glamorgan Institue of Higher Education, Westhill College, Birmingham and the University of the West of England [UWE] Bristol (1999 – 2013).  

Helen Carr (BSc (Hons.), PGCE) - Education Consultant 
Helen is an experienced PE co-ordinator at a large primary school in Norwich.  As a practising teacher, she understands the pressures and time constraints facing teachers on a daily basis.  Helen graduated from the University of York, with a BSc (Hons.) in psychology, giving her a sound understanding of the fundamentals of learning. Having played sport at both county and regional levels in the UK and overseas herself, she is passionate about enthusing children of all abilities and involving them in physical activity from a young age.  In her spare time, Helen can be found on the sidelines of any number of pitches/courts supporting her two young children in their sporting endeavours.

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PE Primary was founded in 2000.  The company was started because we were, and remain passionate about children gaining access to high quality physical education and school sport.  We are extremely proud that for 17 years PE Primary has continued to make a significant  contribution to raising standards in PE in the primary sector. A key contributor to the company’s long and healthy evolution is the high level of mutual trust and respect that we have with schools.  We have the highest professional standards in every aspect of our work.

PE Primary has been shaped by moments of inspiration, creativity, perseverance, and of course, education policy.  Our work continues to be inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity of teachers and children.  For example, many of our dance units have been stimulated by talking with teachers about their ideas, which we are able to translate into stimulating teaching and learning programmes.  We also talk to children about their perceptions of high quality PE; their views are fundamental to our work.

Without doubt, the biggest challenge that we face results from changes to the National Curriculum; 2007/2008 and 2014/2015 were particularly demanding times!  Another difficult time was in October 2010, when the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, announced that the PESSCL Strategy was being discontinued.  A decade of excellent work of School Sport Partnerships was coming to an end.  However, strong criticism and reaction caused policy revision. 

At PE Primary we never rest on our laurels; our resources are continually updated, improved and added to.  In 2000 we believed that our resource would never be completed…. A sentiment that is even stronger 17 years later!

The central importance of good teaching to effective learning is embedded in our resources. Our resources have been developed by individuals who have a wealth of experience at all levels (teachers, PE advisors, PE lecturers, Ofsted inspectors), in physical education in the primary sector.  We understand the impact that high quality physical activity has on children’s physical and cognitive development.  We also understand the diverse needs of professional support that teachers require.  Our resources will save you planning, preparation and assessment time.  Our resources provides a broad and balanced programme of PE/physical development from nursery to year 6. We use the best pedagogical principles and practice, and we connect learning in PE to other curricula areas, including English and maths.  Our resources are designed to support teachers of PE, whatever their experience.

BREADTH AND BALANCE: Through using our resource, you will be providing opportunities for your children to be creative, competitive and ready for challenges.  Our activities are straightforward to teach and fun to learn; they promote positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles. We use Assessment for Learning strategies which help children acquire the skills of how to think in different ways, to suit the wide variety of creative, competitive and challenging activities integrated in our programmes. Our resources support the development of physically literate children.

PEDAGOGY AND CONNECTED LEARNING: Our resources have been developed by individuals who are outstanding PE practitioners, with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the curricula. Through use of Assessment for Learning principles, we employ carefully considered teaching and learning approaches.  We encourage higher order thinking, metacognition, promote problem-solving, creative and critical thinking.  We give serious consideration to pupil voice and encourage children to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.  We take into account the diverse needs of learners, including fairness and equality.  We know that children need to be motivated to learn and to see the relevance and connections in what they are learning - connections are made across the curricula, including the development of children’s English and maths skills.

SUPPORTING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Our resources have been designed to support all teachers of PE. Feedback from schools tells us that more experienced teachers often use the unit overviews to structure their delivery.  Colleagues with less experience make effective use of our step-by-step lesson plans, that provide guidance on activities, management, organisation and teaching points. In all, we have developed a successful service which is committed to excellent levels customer support and satisfaction. We regularly review, improve and add to our resource.  We place high value on combining innovation in teaching and learning in PE with competence and good practice.  We are fully committed to helping you deliver the highest possible standards in PE.


Tansin Benn (PhD, MSc, M.Ed, B.Ed, DPSE)
Tansin was an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham. After teaching in schools for several years she moved into higher education at Anstey College in 1981 to train secondary physical education specialists. In 1985 she moved to Newman and Westhill Colleges, Birmingham, predominantly to train primary teachers with a physical education specialism.  In 1993 she became Head of Physical Education, Sports Studies and Dance at Westhill, developing diversified degree programmes alongside initial teacher training and continuing professional development courses with Birmingham LEA. Since retiring from the University of Birmingham in 2012, Tansin is a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth.   She continues to publish in collaboration with colleagues around the world, responding to invitations to attend conference / academic events and supporting the work of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (   Tansin's passion to support others continues; she volunteers with AGEUK, teaching physical activity in sheltered accommodation.

Barry Benn (MA, DPE, DLC)
Barry was a part-time lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham. After teaching in secondary, then primary schools he went on to further professional training at Leeds University before entering Birmingham’s Adult Education Service. Under Barry’s guidance this department quickly became part of Birmingham Leisure Services and Barry was appointed Gymnastics Development Officer for the city. Since retiring from coaching in 1995 he continued to dedicate himself to educational gymnastics, delivering teachers’ courses throughout the country. Barry has contributed three gymnastics books for teachers and other professional resources such as the 1988 BAALPE video on secondary gymnastics and co-authoring “Primary Gymnastics – a multi-activities approach” with Tansin in 1992. 

Huw Davies [Cert. Ed., M.A.]



Sue Chedzoy (M.Ed., B.Ed., F.P.E.A [UK]

Sue graduated from the University of London with Bachelor of Education and qualifications in Physical Education and Drama, began a teaching career teaching secondary English and Drama and presenting programmes for children with Special Educational Needs for Educational Television.  Sue went on to teach Physical Education and was head of department in two large secondary comprehensive schools. Having taught in secondary schools for eleven years she was then seconded to work as an advisory teacher in Devon supporting primary and secondary school teachers in the teaching of Physical Education and Dance.   Her research interest in Health Related Physical Activity and primary school children culminated in Master’s Degree from the University of Hull.  Sue has published widely and authored books and research papers mostly focusing on enhancing the provision of high quality teaching and learning for young people in Physical Education and the Arts.  During her academic career at the University of Exeter she has been responsible for the initial training of Early Years, Primary, Middle School and Secondary School trainee teachers. In addition she has been Programme Director of Primary / Key Stage 2/3 and the Master’s Programme in Teaching and Learning.   Sue supervised a number of international doctoral students all of whom have had teaching and learning in Physical Education and the Arts at the heart of their studies.  Sue has also been awarded the Ling Award by the Physical Education Association of the United Kingdom in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Physical Education profession. Sue currently works as a Consultant/Evaluator for the Cognitive Education Development Unit within the Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue.

Merie Eglesfield-Hope [B.Ed., MA]
Merie has worked in sports colleges in South Birmingham.  Her role was supporting first and primary schools, contributing to the raising of standards in PE, specialising in dance. Merie has also taught dance in a special school (SLD as the dance specialist, as well as teaching GCSE dance.  Previous to this, Merie worked in primary education as a class teacher and PE-coordinator and was a Partnership  Development  Manager for a Sports College managing the infrastructure of 30 primary schools.  Merie has delivered a variety of INSET, including TOP Dance and disability dance ideas. Some of her work has also been published as a 'Best Practice Case Study'. Merie posesses a Masters in Dance Education.

Huw Davies [Cert. Ed., M.A.]


Graham Haines [B. Ed., M.Ed.]
Graham is a senior lecturer in PE at Cardiff Metropolitan University.  Before working in higher education, Graham was a head teacher in a primary school in Cardiff.  Graham's specialism is in primary games.  He has also led the national development of ICT to support teaching and learning in PE in Wales.

Huw Davies [Cert. Ed., M.A.]


Kevin Morgan (B.Ed, MA)
Kevin is a Principal Lecturer in PE at Cardiff Metropolitan University.   He is Programme Director for the Taught Doctorate in Sport Coaching. In 2014, Kevin achieved Senior Fellowship of the HEA in recognition of his expertise in pedagogical practice, research and leadership.  Kevin is also the author of widely celebrated 'Primary Athletics Challenges' resource pack.