About the Company


Huw is the founder of Physical Education Primary Ltd. He was a senior Lecturer in PE at the University of the West of England [UWE] Bristol (1999 – 2013).

PE Primary was founded in 2000.  IThe company was started because we were, and remain passionate about children gaining access to high quality physical education and school sport.  We are extremely proud that for 17 years PE Primary has continued to make a significant  contribution to raising standards in PE in the primary sector. A key contributor to the company’s long and healthy evolution is the high level of mutual trust and respect that we have with schools.  We have the highest professional standards in every aspect of our work.

PE Primary has been shaped by moments of inspiration, creativity, perseverance, and of course, education policy.  Our work continues to be inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity of teachers and children.  For example, many of our dance units have been stimulated by talking with teachers about their ideas, which we are able to translate into stimulating teaching and learning programmes.  We also talk to children about their perceptions of high quality PE; their views are fundamental to our work.

Without doubt, the biggest challenge that we face results from changes to the National Curriculum; 2007/2008 and 2014/2015 were particularly demanding times!  Another difficult time was in October 2010, when the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, announced that the PESSCL Strategy was being discontinued.  A decade of excellent work of School Sport Partnerships was coming to an end.  However, strong criticism and reaction caused policy revision.

At PE Primary we never rest on our laurels; our resources are continually updated, improved and added to.  In 2000 we believed that our resource would never be completed…. A sentiment that is even stronger 17 years later!

The central importance of good teaching to effective learning is embedded in our resources.  Our resources have been developed by individuals who have a wealth of experience at all levels (teachers, PE advisors, PE lecturers, Ofsted inspectors), in physical education in the primary sector.  We understand the impact that high quality physical activity has on children’s physical and cognitive development.  We also understand the diverse needs of professional support that teachers require.  Our resources will save you planning, preparation and assessment time.  Our resources provides a broad and balanced programme of PE/physical development from nursery to year 6. We use the best pedagogical principles and practice, and we connect learning in PE to other curricula areas, including literacy and numeracy.  Our resources are designed to support teachers of PE, whatever their experience.

BREADTH AND BALANCE: Through using our resource, you will be providing opportunities for your children to be creative, competitive and ready for challenges.  Our activities are straightforward to teach and fun to learn; they promote positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles. We use Assessment for Learning strategies which help children acquire the skills of how to think in different ways, to suit the wide variety of creative, competitive and challenging activities integrated in our programmes. Our resources support the development of physically literate children.

PEDAGOGY AND CONNECTED LEARNING: Our resources have been developed by individuals who are outstanding PE practitioners, with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the curricula. Through use of Assessment for Learning principles, we employ carefully considered teaching and learning approaches.  We encourage higher order thinking, metacognition, promote problem-solving, creative and critical thinking.  We give serious consideration to pupil voice and encourage children to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.  We take into account the diverse needs of learners, including fairness and equality.  We know that children need to be motivated to learn and to see the relevance and connections in what they are learning – connections are made across the curricula, including the development of children’s literacy and numeracy skills.

SUPPORTING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Our resources have been designed to support all teachers of PE. Feedback from schools tells us that more experienced teachers often use the unit overviews to structure their delivery.  Colleagues with less experience make effective use of our step-by-step lesson plans, that provide guidance on activities, management, organisation and teaching points. In all, we have developed a successful service which is committed to excellent levels customer support and satisfaction. We regularly review, improve and add to our resource.  We place high value on combining innovation in teaching and learning in PE with competence and good practice.  We are fully committed to helping you deliver the highest possible standards in PE.