How to use Our Resources

  • There are over 500 lesson plans on this web site, contained in 100 units of activity, from Reception to Year 6.

  • Resources cover gymnastics, dance, games, athletic activities and OAA.

  • Our units of activity offer you and wide range of choice and variety.

  • Our units of activity are organised as complete packages; a package consists of a unit overview, 6 lesson plans, teaching and learning support materials and end of unit assessment of learning.

  • Teaching and learning support materials consist of activity cards, videos, images, and where appropriate, assessment for learning cards. (Please view our Sample Page).

  • All units of activity have been designed to accommodate all levels of competence and confidence in teaching PE. The more knowledge teachers possess, the fewer resources they are likely to need to use.

  • In all units, child-centred learning has been prioritised.

  • Gymnastic Activities – Units 1 contain technical skills, such as cartwheels, forward rolls and handstands. Activity Units 2 & 3 contain few technical skills

  • Dance Activities – Units 1, 2 and 3 offer a wide range of stimuli for movement all with rich cross curricula learning opportunities. Stimuli include, children’s books, stories, poems, videos and images.

  • Games Activities – Activity Units 1 have been developed around Top Start, Top Play and Top Sport activities. Activity Units 2 & 3 contain our own modified games. Activity Units 2 and 3 contain activity cards and videos to support teaching and learning.

  • · Sometimes we recommend viewing videos and music on You Tube, in which cases the relevant links are provided.

  • · We also provide CPD resources, all downloadable as PowerPoint files.

 Our teachers have commented on their increased confidence in delivering PE lessons and this is down to the easy to use, comprehensive and engaging resources and layout of the website. The PowerPoint additions to the site are fantastic and we will definitely use them to document our approach, delivery and impact of PE in the School. We look forward to using PEPrimary again this year!Quotation mark closed

Gary Henderson (Assistant Principal), Hamford Primary Academy, Essex