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Helen Carr (BSc (Hons.), PGCE) - Education Consultant 
Helen has joined our team! Helen is an experienced PE co-ordinator at a large primary school in Norwich.  As a practising teacher, she understands the pressures and time constraints facing teachers on a daily basis.  Helen graduated from the University of York, with a BSc (Hons.) in psychology, giving her an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of learning. Having played sport at both county and regional levels in the UK and overseas herself, she is passionate about enthusing children of all abilities and involving them in physical activity from a young age.  In her spare time, Helen can be found on the sidelines of any number of pitches/courts supporting her two young children in their sporting endeavours.

If you like our Sample Materials, but still can't decide if you want to subscribe, why not contact Helen for some open and honest advice.


Sample Units of Activity
We have included: Unit overviews, lesson plans 1 & 2, activity cards and  end of unit assessments.
Gymnastic Activities
Year 2
Year 6
Dance Activities
Under the Sea - EYFS

Times Past: GI Blues -Year 5
Games Activities
Year 1
Invasion Games Year 5


Activity Cards
There are over 350 activity cards on our web site.  The cards are designed for use by both teachers and children, and are strategically linked to specific lesson plans - their use is both simple and systematic.  Many of the cards support the development of skills - children can simply look at the images and copy the skills shown.  Some cards provide information, such as gymnastic sequence criteria.  Other cards, particularly for dance, contain images that will stimulate children's movement ideas.  The peer and self-assessment cards support Assessment for Learning.  The activity cards also support teachers' professional development, particularly subject knowledge and understanding.  All of the cards support the pedagogy of child-centred learning and will save teachers significant amounts of preparation time. 
Gymnastic Activities
Balance 1 Hand & 1 Foot
Jumping & Landing
Stubborn Donkey
Year 4_- Group Floor Sequence Criteria
Peer Assessment 2 X Factors and a Simon Cowell!
Dance Activities
EYFS: Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales - Goldilocks and the Three BearsHumpty DumptyHouses of the Three Little Pigs
YEAR 2: Around the World Images of Indian dancersImages of African dancers; Images of Chinese dancers
YEAR 5: Times Past: GI Blues -  World War II images; Armies on the MoveCelebrating The End of the War
YEAR 6: Paintings, Photographs & Postcards - Paintings by Kandinsky; At the Seaside; Photos & Postcards of the Seaside
Games Activities
Key Stage 1
Net-Type Game
Strike & Go! 2v2
Striking a Ball Year 2

Key Stage 2 
Invasion Games

Attacking/Defending 3v1
Border Raiders 4 v 4 with
Roving Attackers (Year 5)

Cross the River
Key Stage 2 
Striking & Fielding Games
Chain Gang 4 v 4 (Y5/6)
Rollerball 4 v 4
Catching Record
Key Stage 2 
Net Games
Serve & Return – Pairs

Tennis- Send & Return
Athletic Activities
Years 3/4
Exploring Running,Jumping & Landing
Run, Touch & Accelerate
Team Throwing Games
Years 5/6
Pairs Running
Shuttle Relays


End of Unit Assessments
Our end of unit assessments of pupil progress are all linked to the relevant units of activity.
Year 2 Dance Activities
Average Ability Pupil          Below Average Ability Pupil          Above Average Ability Pupil
Year 5 Gymnastic Activities
Average Ability Pupil          Below Average Ability Pupil          Above Average Ability Pupil
Year 6 Invasion Games
Average Ability Pupil          Below Average Ability Pupil          Above Average Ability Pupil


How Children Learn in PE
Reflection Starters - Engaging learners in reflection, dialogue and decision-making in PE
Subject Leaders' Sharing Best in PE in Primary Schools (Vol 1)
Subject Leaders' Sharing Best in PE in Primary Schools (Vol 2)


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Single school subscription - £325.00 + VAT
Sports Colleges/Sports Partnerships/Local Authorities/HE Institutions
Shared Access Licence
Up to 10 Schools - £950.00 + VAT
Up to 20 Schools - £1200.00 + VAT
Up to 30 Schools - £1450.00 + VAT
Up to 40 Schools - £1750.00 + VAT
Up to 50 Schools - £1900.00 + VAT
Up to 75 Schools - £2000.00 + VAT
75 Schools +       - £2250.00 + VAT